Sun and stripes in Da Nang, Vietnam

Xin Chao!  Our four day adventure in Da Nang was a blur of hammock reading sessions, breakfast on the beach, and ferocious ping pong matches with all the suitable trash talking (I am AWESOME by the way and my serve improves dramatically after a few signature cocktails at the Long Bar).

Our resort was truly spectacular, a design creation of Bill Bensley - we felt so lucky to experience it all (not comped, just a generous surprise from the boyfriend!). Our favourite corners had to the stunning infinity pool, The Long Bar, and our own terrace where we had our first coffee and tea of the day (and, obviously, the hammock for me!).

We did kayaking and ventured outside the resort on a 3-hour return coastal hike in the thick of the jungle. Despite leaving so early in the morning, the humidity and heat was intense - the best kind of workout and worth it to see this 800-year old Banyan tree (pictured above).

Our room was luxurious - bigger than our apartment in Hong Kong with a bath tub you could learn how to swim in! I could stretch out as far as I could go and my toes wouldn't touch the far corner. Honestly, the pictures don't do this place justice.

Da Nang, you’ve been too good to us - we will be back soon!