Slow Sundays: resort style

A Vietnamese twist on the Slow Sunday series!

Resort life moves at a marvelously slow pace. Breakfasts are long and luxurious. Naps encouraged. Decisions are unhurried - if they even get made at all. Even the sea breeze is playfully lethargic, rustling the pages of your book and stirring the palm trees that shade your hammock. In short, it's bliss.

We woke up early, waddling out onto the terrace bleary-eyed to see in the sunrise. The occasional rustling of ferns meant that monkeys were around but out of sight. I drank my tea (coffee for him) looking out over the bay and mentally listing all the things I was grateful for:

  • Time to rest and recover with a loved one

  • The opportunity to discover a new place on our beautiful planet

  • Feeling inspired

  • Reading a good book

  • A delicious cup of tea

Below left: my boyfriend took this while totally laughing at me for being winded walking up the stairs.

Above right: the cable car that whisked you up to the different resort levels (definitely easier than taking the stairs!)

While the boyfriend (courageously, in this heat) dragged himself to the gym, I mustered up the energy for a quick yoga sequence before retreating back into our suite for a shower. Our plan today was simply to relax into our surroundings. I discovered a surprising talent for ping pong and finished reading The Alchemist, and tired myself out sea kayaking.

We spent a few hours lounging in the Long Bar with its famous black-and-white stripes and yellow cushions (which my outfit accidentally matched). All of the food served at the resort is sustainably sourced and organic, with most of the herbs (and some vegetables) grown right down near the beach in a herb garden.

In the late afternoon, we walked the length of the resort’s many pathways, spying two different species of monkeys and countless butterflies, and soaking in all my favourite shades of green.

One of my favourite Slow Sundays to date! Can all weekends be as sumptuous as this one please?