Slow Sundays: heading into nature

Wake up early enough and Hong Kong’s mountain trails are yours.

This edition of Slow Sundays is all about getting out of the city and breathing in clean air. There is nothing like a sea breeze, warm sunshine and a killer leg workout to shake up your perspective on life! Dragon’s Back is one of my favourite hikes in Hong Kong: it’s close enough to be back home in time for brunch and far enough to get away from it all.

Without doubt, my favourite slow-living tip has got to be spending more time outdoors. We spend so long in cars or trains or buses, sitting at desks or doing chores at home - heading into nature is the cure for all of it! On this early morning, the sun was blazing overhead. The trail scent was extra earthy thanks to a few days of rain, and the dust on the famous Dragon’s Back stairs was this gorgeous shade of terracotta. It’s called Dragon’s Back due to the ridged shape of the mountain - and if you squint hard and use your imagination you can see why in the pictures below.

A perfect morning in the sunshine.

Play the video below for all the lovely nature sounds